Arktis gjennom øynene til en fransk navigatør .. 


Delphine Garcin grew up in Grenoble, in the French Alps, and is now an accomplished sailor. In the midst of her numerous travels and missions around the globe, she starts using photography as a way to tell about her experiences. She also learns to use a camera with her grand-father Gilbert Garcin, self – taught photographer from Marseille. In 2013, she travels to Norway for a new job. This place turns out to be an immense source of inspiration and awakes  her desire to share her images and view point.

The works of Chris Burkard or Kal Barteski, filled with powerful, uncommon images and strong messages in regards to the preservation of the Arctic are a great inspiration to Delphine, whose work is impacted by the theme of circulation, seafaring, walking, dogsledding … The photographer questions us on the meaning of a journey, and what movement represents in inhospitable areas where Man constantly wrestles with its own physical, moral or intellectual limits – whatever are his means of locomotion.

utstilling åpning 06. september