Aurora Plus


« Aurora Plus » is a programme that aims to strengthen French-Norwegian research cooperation by supporting the organisation of scientific conferences, workshops and meetings of experts. The objectives of the programme are to structure and develop ambitious research networks and to facilitate the development of large-scale international projects.

Aurora Plus encourages networked research and helps research teams to develop long-term structured cooperation and/or to prepare for large collaborative projects

The programme is funded in Norway by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), and in France by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI). It is managed by the scientific department of the French Institute of Norway. 

Who: French and Norwegian research teams. Projects may include one or more additional partners, only French and Norwegian actors will be eligible for the funding programme.
What: Coordination of international research projects and development of ambitious research networks between teams in France and in Norway.
When: The programme is spread over two consecutive years. Particular attention will be paid to long-term cooperation projects.
How: Organisation of a scientific event in France and a scientific event in Norway. Priority will be given in particular to collaborative projects with a European dimension.
Call for applications: Every year, at the beginning of September. Online application form on the website of the French Institute of Norway from June.

Download here the detailled description of the 2023 Aurora Plus program