On September 3rd the fifth Club Science of this year will take place at the Institut Français! French researcher Bastien Alex will present his work on climate change and security.

In North Kenya, months without rain are currently pushing the population out of the area to seek relief. And it is not an exception. Climate change has many impacts: floods, droughts, heat waves, and so on. These environmental impacts have consequences on society causing environmental degradation, migrations, pressure on natural resources. Life conditions worsen, threatening security. To which extent can it generate harm, tensions or even conflicts? How can those who work for security and defence prepare for it? Bastien Alex, researcher and professor at the Institute for international and strategic relations will join us in Oslo to present and discuss his research on climate change and security.

Rendez-vous on September, Tuesday 3rd, 18:00, at the Institut français for a new Club Science conference in English! Right after the conference there will be French wine and food to share.

The event is free of charge. Registration (below) is mandatory.


Here is the PowerPoint used by Bastien Alex during his presentation: BastienALEX_Climate change security and defense 3-09