On November 4th the last Club Science of this year will take place at the Institut Français! French researcher Stefan Chassaing will tell us all about red wine chemistry.

We often think of chemistry as something happening within the walls of a laboratory, but the chemical processes in question here all happen in the cool darkness of a vineyard cellar. Chemistry is at the heart of the wine-making process, with fermentation and maturation in wood barrels and aging in glass bottles. Taste, colour, and smell are radically changed during the transformation from rough and tart purple grapes into a fine sip of red wine.

Dr Stefan Chassaing from the University of Strasbourg will take advantage of his visit in Oslo to open our minds to the world of chemical reactions without which the adventures of Bacchus would have been much different.

Rendez-vous on November, Monday 4th, 18:00, at the Institut français for a new Club Science conference in English! Right after the conference there will be French wine and food to share.

The event is free of charge. Registration (below) is mandatory.