Rejoignez le club science ce mois-ci autour d’un thème original : le sport et la chimie. Le lauréat Åsgard, Claude Gros, illustrera le rôle indispensable et primordial de la chimie dans l’histoire des performances sportives.



Skis are made of polyurethane, fibreglass, expoxy plastics and polyethylene.

Kayaks are made of carbon fibers.

Diving suits are made of neoprene and elastane.

Climbing chalk is made of distilled oleoresins. 


So the list goes on of how chemistry is used to improve sports performances. Chemistry in equipments, chemistry in health and of course misuse of chemicals are a consistent part of the world of sports. 

As an expert in chemistry, Claude Gros will present this common history of chemistry and sports during a Club Science conference on Tuesday, May 8th at 17:00. Don’t forget to register !