Club Science is back on April 9th with a conference by Åsgard laureate Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet on climate change and enery efficiency. Don’t forget to register!

⚠ The presentation tonight will be slightly different then announced, as it will focus mostly on energy efficiency, social inequalities and environmental economic policy in France, and open to global questions ❗❕

The rise of average temperatures is changing our energy need for climate control: less heating, more cooling. While in Norway and in other wealthy western countries our heating needs are bound to decline, cooling demand is already skyrocketting in the global South. The energy cost and carbon-intensity difference can only worsen global climate inequalities. Moreover, this creates a tension between climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Environmental economist Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet, researcher at the International Research Centre for the Environment and Development (CIRED) will come to the French institute to introduce his research on how to tackle this asymetry using energy efficiency in the building sector.

Rendez-vous on April, Tuesday 9th, 18:00, at the Institut français for a new Club Science conference in English! Right after the conference there will be French wine and food to share.

The event is free of charge. Registration (below) is mandatory.