The exponential growth of available data, commonly called Big Data, together with powerful analytic methods, is dramatically impacting all activity sectors. All over Europe, industrials and researchers are increasingly adressing theses challenges. In France and in Norway, many innovative projects are currently in progress. 

This workshop will present in a multidisciplinary approach the latest develpment offered by Big Data to achieve more sustainable activities. A special focus will be done on the integration and regulation of energy networks in the context of electrical cars fleets or of smart neighborhoods. Data protection, circulation and property will also be discussed in a public conference.

NTNU, SINTEF and the Institut Français de Norvège welcome you in Trondheim for a series of conferences, B2B meetings, visits and a dedicated young researchers workshop. 

This conference is part of the French-Nordic cycle « Big Data and Sustainability » organised by the Instituts Français/Ambassades de France of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and FInland.

The complete schedule of the conference and the registration form are available on the event website.