Club Science is back in June with a hot topic: ocean pollution and nanoparticles.

Tons of plastic waste are released every year in the ocean, where they congregate into huge vortexes. The environmental impact of these plastic particles is increasingly studied. Julien Gigault, researcher at the Laboratoire Géosciences Rennes, focuses on the smallest ones: plastic nanoparticles. He developped several analytical tools to measure and characterize them. 

But, more broadly, nanoparticles are present in almost every product we use currently. What happens when they are released into soil and water? How do they affect the ecosystems in which we are living?

Visiting Oslo in June, Julien Gigault will discuss these questions during a Club Science Conference.

As usual, participation is free and at the end of the conference we will share a glass of wine with cheese. The registration form is available below.