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Celebrating Breaking and Equality

Recap of Bonnie & Clyde – Battle of Oslo

Institut français de Norvège is thrilled to celebrate the success of Bonnie & Clyde – Battle of Oslo, held on Sunday June 16 at Sentralen in Oslo. It was a day filled with energy and talent, as breaking enthusiasts from across the globe came together to celebrate this vibrant art form.

One of the distinctive features of this event was our dedication to showcasing both male and female talent equally through Bonnie & Clyde duos, where male and female breakers competed together. This format aimed to elevate the visibility and recognition of female breakers in what has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, emphasizing our commitment to gender equality in breaking. We were thrilled to see the community’s overwhelming interest, with all free tickets quickly reserved, making it a truly inclusive and family-friendly event.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participating dancers – both local talents and invited stars – whose passion and skill illuminated the stage. Congratulations to Team Poland, represented by BBoy Alvin and BGirl Paulina, for their exceptional performance and victory. We would also like to congratulate Team Belgium, with BBoy Mighty Jimm and BGirl Madmax, who secured a well-deserved second place. Special recognition also goes to the other invited teams: Team France (BGirl Chris & BBoy Sweet), Team Norway (BGirl Pretzel & BBoy Rhythm Box), and Team Sweden (BGirl Fairytale & BBoy The R), whose creativity and talent enriched the competition.

Our gratitude extends to our esteemed judges – BBoy Skim, BGirl Roxy, and BBoy Mou G – for their expertise and assessments throughout the event. We also thank BBoy Skim and BGirl Roxy for their free workshops open to all, enriching the event with their knowledge and passion for breaking.

A sincere thank you to Fabian Svegaard Tapia and Morad Aziman for organizing this event with Institut français de Norvège and making this unique breaking battle a reality. Additionally, we deeply appreciate the support from Terre de Jeux 2024 and the Spanish Embassy in Norway, as well as Sentralen for providing an excellent venue that enhanced the event’s success. Special appreciation is also due to the dedicated crew whose hard work ensured everything ran smoothly.

As we celebrate the success of Bonnie & Clyde – Battle of Oslo, we would also like to wish the breakers of the top two teams – Paulina, Alvin, Madmax, and Mighty Jimm – the best of luck in their upcoming participation in the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest this coming weekend. This is the final stop before breaking makes its Olympic debut in Paris 2024, and we hope that they all make it to Paris this summer.

Finally, a special thanks to Stance for documenting the event throughout and for their prompt editing and publication on YouTube, allowing those unable to attend to witness the amazing performances and energy!

You can see all the videos of the event here!

The final battle between Team Poland (with BBoy Alvin and BGirl Paulina) and Team Belgium (with BGirl Madmax and BBoy Mighty Jimm).