List of partnerships in higher education with France

18 mai - 1 septembre 2021

As part of the census of French-Norwegian university partnerships, Institut français de Norvège would like to thank the institutions for their contribution.

Institut français de Norvège is wishing to provide higher education institutions and students with an interactive map referencing the French-Norwegian agreements. In order to list the partnerships with France, we kindly ask the International Relations Offices to fill in the following form.

Before starting, we would like to provide the International Relations Offices with a document listing the different elements that we will ask for regarding partnerships with French institutions. The document below will help you to know what the main information that we will request from you are. We kindly recommend you to download it and use its format. You can fill it out in advance and upload it on the form (in step 3) – this will allow you to avoid having to complete the various details in steps 3 and 4 of the online form. You will also be able to upload your personal Excel documents referencing your partnerships. 

Please note: Before filling in this form, we kindly ask you to refer to your partnerships list. Details on the different partnerships will be requested (see step 3 and 4 of the form).
The steps of the form are as follow:

1) Institution details

2) Cooperation with France

3) Details on your cooperation with French institutions (if applicable)

4) Information on double and joint degrees (if applicable)

5) Information on co-tutored doctoral theses