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French + Sciences scholarship – Short study stays in France

24. februar - 1. juni 2020

“French ⨁ Sciences” is a new program for short study stays in sciences with FLE (French as a foreign language) courses included. Institut français de Norvège is offering three scholarships to students that want to participate in this program.

This program is designed for undergraduate student enrolled in sciences an technologies curriculum. French classes are taught during the program (no minimum level is required). These 3 weeks stays focus each on a different field :

  • «About Sustainable Development» in Montpellier
  • «Marine Science and Technology» in Brest
  • «Energy and Transport» in Rouen

Institut Français de Norvège is offering 3 scholarships of an amount of 10 000 NOK to cover half the cost of courses and accommodation. 


To learn more about the program and the scholarship opportunity, please follow this link.