Webinar on gaming to celebrate International Women’s Day!

23. februar - 8. mars 2021

For International Women’s Day, the French Institutes from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden come together to address common challenges and new initiatives within the world of games. 

Discover our webinar: Playing their Game :Gender and New Initiatives in Gaming

How can one design games that break out of the male gaze and to encourage a gender mix of players? 

How do Safe Spaces function within the gaming community?

What impact can we see from initiatives addressing inequality and toxicity in games? 


Invited speakers from different areas of expertise (game design, e-sports, research and activism) will discuss core questions impacting female and non-binary gamers.



Denmark: Andrea Brasch, writer and game director

Finland: Marke Kivijärvi, researcher, gender studies

Norway: Joakim Johansen Østby, researcher and senior lecturer, media studies

Sweden: Lillie Klefelt, founder of Female Legends

France: to be announced soon!


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