Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies

7 - 11. november 2022

«Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies» is coming to Bergen with a second week-long event taking place from November 7th to 11th at NOGOODS Project+Studio Space. Subsequently called «NOGOODS Studio», the second phase of this co-creation process aims at furthering the discussions initiated during ROM Studio last August in Oslo with a collaborative production of «prototypes» exploring notions of queerness, dissidence and public space.

The project is co-curated by EXUTOIRE and NOGOODS, hosted by ROM for kunst og arkitektur, and run together with five artists and architects:

    • Léa Brami (France)
    • Mahé Cordier-Jouanne (France)
    • Lexie Owen (Canada)
    • Liene Pavlovska (Latvia)
    • Jan Trinh (Norway)