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Podcast «Frankrike forklart»: Hvem er Nobelprisvinneren Annie Ernaux ?

With Sandra Lillebø (author and critic)

Institut français de Norvège is pleased to support season 7 of podcast Frankrike forklart produced by Kjerstin Aukrust (UiO), Franck Orban (HiØ) and Geir Uvsløkk (UiO).

In each episode, the editorial team brings in knowledgeable and Francophile guests on important topics, to understand what is going on in France today, and to learn more about the country’s history, politics, and culture.

Listen to the new episode of March 27th, 2023 (episode 83): Hvem er Nobelprisvinneren Annie Ernaux? with Sandra Lillebø (author and critic)

This week, we take a closer look at the work of one of France’s most important contemporary writers: Annie Ernaux, winner of the Nobel Prize! Annie Ernaux has long been a well-known author in France, and in recent years she has become increasingly well known in Norway. But what characterizes her writing? What is her place in contemporary French literature? And why did she receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022?

Episode 82 (March 13th,2023): Frankofoni spesial – franskspråklig litteratur i India. with Ari Gautier (author and writer).

On the occasion of the International Francophonie Day, celebrated on March 20th, this week’s episode is dedicated to the Francophone literature in India. Why did 300 years of French presence in India through Chandernagore, Yananon, Pondicherry, Karikal and Mahé not lead to the early emergence of a local Francophone literature? What is the scope of this literature today?

Episode 81 (February 27th, 2023) : Hvorfor er franskmenn så skeptiske til pensjonsreformen? with Idar Helle (Norwegian and European professional historian)

In this episode, the team takes a closer look at the reform of pensions. What does the proposed reform really consist of? Why does President Macron think it is necessary? And why are trade unions and most French people skeptical?

Episode 80 (February 13th, 2023) : Hva vil de grønne i Frankrike og Norge? with Arild Hermstad (Green Party – MDG)

Episode 79 (January 30th, 2023): Er det norsk-franske undervisningssamarbeidet i krise? with Tove Gravdal (journalist and author).

Episode 78 (January 16th, 2023): Hva skjer i Frankrike i 2023? with Tove Gravdal (journalist and author).

This podcast in Norwegian is one of the most listened to in Norway. You can find all the previous episodes on the usual podcast hosting platforms and on UiO’s website: https://www.hf.uio.no/ilos/tjenester/kunnskap/frankrike-forklart/episoder/.