Kultur Musikk

Shapes Festival

fredag 1. desember 2023

Solligata 2 0254 Oslo

Shapes is back in Oslo at the incredible and unique party venue, Skaugum!

Having established himself as a formidable club producer and DJ, Simo Cell is always redefining himself artistically. His singularity in the flourishing French landscape results from a style at the crossroads of many genres. As a DJ and as a producer, he blends UK sounds with eclecticism and an experimental approach. Affiliated with English imprints such as Livity Sound, Timedance and Wisdom Teeth, the Paris-based producer is also deeply involved in the French scene working with the infamous BFDM crew and collaborating with artists such as Bambounou, Low Jack and the Pilotwings. DJing for more than a decade and taking part in several collectives, Simo Cell is also not restricted to any one scene or particular style. His original and adaptive repertoire builds unpredictable and dynamic sets.

And if there has ever been a byword for all things Electro in Oslo, Elektro Romantikk would be it. Robin Crafoord, aka the Robin of Truls and Robin, aka Ksmisk, aka Robomatic has been a vital proponent of the Electro genre in Oslo and Norway for as long as he’s been involved in Electronic music on the scene. As Robomatic he’s been blowing the clarion call for the genre, in its various stages and through various guises, from Drexciya to Electroclash.

ANNA is one third of the DJ collective Rebelle, which since the end of the pandemic has worked its way up in Oslo’s nightlife. As a DJ, she combines everything from old school riddims to newer electronic music, which together becomes an eclectic, exciting mix of futuristic dancehall and afrotech.

RüBA KPØ, Frank is Franck and Endre_3000 will be rounding up this tasty line up..