Retrospective Bresson in the Norwegian cinematheques

5. august - 25. september 2020

L’Institut Français de Norvège and the Norwegian Cinematheques present a retrospective of the French filmmaker Robert Bresson, until the 24th of September.

Renowned filmmaker from France, Robert Bresson died barely 20 years ago. His work is still considered by the cinephiles all around the world as one of the greatest in cinema history, considering its high quality. This retrospective is the perfect way to (re)discover his films, that made him prized at Cannes Festival, Berlin Festival and Mostra di Venezia.

The Cinematheque will screen 9 of his 13 movies. In partnership with the Institut Français de Paris, we recommend particularly those 3 films, that you can see all around Norway:


  • Pickpocket (1959): Michel goes to a horse race and steals some money from a spectator. He leaves the racetrack confident he was not caught when he’s suddenly arrested. The inspector releases Michel because the evidence is not strong enough; Michel says it’s not a crime to have cash.

  • Lancelot du Lac (1974): A million miles away from ‘Camelot’ or ‘Excalibur’, this film ruthlessly strips the Arthurian legend down to its barest essentials. Arthur’s knights, far from being heroic, are conniving and greedy men who, just before the film starts, have failed miserably to find the Holy Grail. Aimlessly resentful at first, the developing relationship between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere focuses their rage, leading to inevitable tragedy…

  • L’argent (1982): A forged 500-franc note is cynically passed from person to person and shop to shop, until it falls into the hands of a genuine innocent who doesn’t see it for what it is – which will have devastating consequences on his life, causing him to turn to crime and murder…



Here is the detailed program, by cities:


Oslo Cinematek

Pickpocket : 20, 22 and 23 August
Lancelot du Lac : 6, 9 and 11 September
L’argent : 17, 18, 22, 23 and 24 September

En dødsdømt har rømt : 8, 11 and 15 August
Au Hazard Balthazar : 14, 16 and 18 August
En landsbyprests dagbok : 19 and 21 August
Damene fra Boulogneskogen : 23 and 26 August
Une femme douce : 25 and 30 August
Djevelen, formoder jeg : 10, 13 and 15 August

Trondheim Cinematek

Pickpocket : 10 and 13 September
Lancelot du Lac : 16 and 20 September
L’argent : 17, 20 and 23 September


Pickpocket : 3 and 6 September
Lancelot du Lac : 10 and 13 September
L’argent : 22 and 24 September


Pickpocket : 26 August and 1 September
Lancelot du Lac : 2 September
L’argent : 17 and 22 September


L’argent : 17 and 23 September


L’argent : 17 September


L’argent : 17 and 22 September

More informations :

In Oslo : https://www.cinemateket.no/
In Trondheim : http://www.cinemateket-trondheim.no/
In Bergen : https://www.cinemateket-usf.no
In Tromsø : https://www.verdensteatret.no/
In Lillehammer : https://www.lillehammerkino.no/program/cinematek
In Kristiansand : https://www.krscinematek.no/
In Stavanger : https://www.xn--slvberget-l8a.no/Hva-skjer/