C’est la vie ! French shorts films on Shortly.film

14 - 24. juli 2020

From the July 14th to 24th, the streaming platform Shortly is offering a selection of French short movies that you can watch online, for free, from wherever you want ! 

In partnership with the Institut Français de Suède, here is a selection of short films from the past 10 years:

  • I like you by Alice Fargier
  • Les Heures Encre by Wendy Pillonel
  • Aquabike by Jean-Baptiste Saurel
  • Yùl et le Serpent by Gabriel Harel
  • Junior by Ducournau
  • Les Lézards by Vincent Mariette
  • Glucose by Mihai Grecu
  • Rappelle moi by Marie-Hélène Copti
  • Zaina46 by Laure Desmazières
  • Prince Jordan by Adrien Selbert

Those shorts are available with English subtitles from the 14th of July on www.shortly.film. You just have to create an account for free.

Illustration: Les Lézards by Vincent Mariette