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FINA award

The five French Institutes of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden launched the French Institute Nordic Award (FINA) in 2020.

This award aims to promote cultural and scientific cooperation between France and the Nordic countries and to reward the outstanding achievements of young researchers.

The Instituts français Nordics invite you to participate in the FINA mobility, a short mobility program of scientific networking that combines visits to laboratories of human and social sciences and hard sciences. The mobility program includes visits to universities, laboratories and research institutes, as well as program presentations and scientific exchanges. Visits are conducted in English.

Theme of the year 2024: Digital Health

The theme of the 2024 edition of the FINA Prize will be «digital health». According to the WHO, digital health is defined as “the use of information and communication technologies in support of health and related areas in the concept of e-health. It is an umbrella concept that includes eHealth, mobile health, big data and artificial intelligence.” 

Digital health, combining tools, clinical interventions, and data, aims to promote, protect and improve health in the clinical, management, research and public health fields. As an interface between health sciences, human and social sciences, as well as information technology, it encompasses the life cycle of digital health, with developments related to big data and the transformation of health systems. 

Since the WHO resolution in 2005, more than 120 Member States have adopted policies on digital health.

WHO and India’s G20 Presidency have launched a Global Digital Health Initiative to implement the Global Digital Health Strategy 2020-2025. While digital health offers opportunities in terms of empowerment, efficiency of health systems and better health coverage, it also raises questions about care delivery, access, and security of sensitive data.

In addition, since 2021 as part of the health 2030 Innovation Plan, digital health is one of the priority research programs and equipment (PEPR) of the «managed» component of France 2030, known as «Financing of strategic investments». 

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