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The five French Institutes of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden launched the French Institute Nordic Award (FINA) in 2020. This award aims to promote cultural and scientific cooperation between France and the Nordic countries and to reward the outstanding achievements of young researchers.

Theme of the year 2023

According to the Circularity Gap report 2020, our planet is only 8.6% circular : much of what we consume is wasted. Our human imprint on the planet has caused increasing devastation to the natural world, thus resource effectiveness and the circular economy are crucial for a future with a greater global prosperity.

The theme of this year is Circular Economy, with a special focus on food, waste management, textiles, biobased materials, recycling and development of new crops. According to the United Nations, the circular economy is a system of production, exchange and sharing that allows for social progress, preservation of natural capital and economic development as defined by the Brundtland Commission (i.e. the UN World Commission on Environment and Development published a book in 1987 : “Our Common Future”).

The FINA 2023 Award:

FINA laureates 2023

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