Performance «FAKE» by Wilfried Wendling, Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö at Fortellerfestivalen 2022

31. mars - 3. april 2022

Trondheimsveien 2 560 Oslo

Institut français de Norvège is pleased to support the French program of the festival Fortellerfestivalen which takes place from March 31st to April 3rd, 2022 at Riksscenen in Oslo.

On this occasion, the performance FAKE by Wilfried Wendling, Abbi Patrix and Linda Edsjö produced by La Muse en Circuit will be presented on Saturday 2nd April at 1:30pm and 7pm.

FAKE is a performance where the audience stroll around freely, wearing headphones that transmit a live musical backdrop. A loosely narrated version of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt constitutes the framework of this piece.

Each participant can choose their own path, rythm, and focal point within the set-up, as they drift constantly between reality and fiction. The audience embark upon an astounding aural voyage, and electronic sounds lead them to surpass the limits of physical space.

FAKE is a completely adaptable performance which changes according to where it is staged. Whether outside and/or inside, during the day or at night, the audience may be seated at the beginning but will no doubt at some point stand up and start to follow the storyteller Abbi Patrix – who draws inspiration from his surroundings and those listening to him in order to tell a different tale for each show.

He interacts with both «real» and «fake» members of the audience: indeed, some accomplices have infiltrated the crowd and are in for the ride. Musicians, singers and performers might also crop up to further animate the headphone wearer’s experience.

FAKE often takes place in public spaces and is first and foremost a participatory event, allowing those who are not yet members of the audience – feeling intrigued by the installation and the people already involved – to join the show midway. These factors create a fertile ground for each performance to be wildly different from the next, yet the story remains the same. Abbi Patrix embodies renowned monologues taken from Peer Gynt, and is joined by Anne Alvaro’s recorded voice.

More information on the festival program: https://www.fortellerfestivalen.no/festival22