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Night of Ideas 2023 : Debate “ MORE WATER”

torsdag 8. juni 2023 fra 18:00

Followed by a screening of the film «South to North» with the director Antoine Boutet

Dronningens Gate 16 0152 OSLO

Join us on Thursday June 8th at 6pm !!

To discuss about the water supply issues and discover the film «South to North» by Antoine Boutet

[documentary in VO with English subtitles]


Dronningens Gate 16, 0152 Oslo

With Sindre Langaas (Norsk Institutt for vannforskning), Nils Vidar Rystad (Ny vannforsyning Oslo) and Antoine Boutet (film director) – moderated by Yeliz Yilmaz (University of Oslo)

Free entrance

Find your tickets here : https://www.cinemateket.no/filmer/south-to-north

Facebook page: https://fb.me/e/3s7nc2GOF

Trailer : https://vimeo.com/101072208

Water, a challenge of the 21st century 

Institut français de Norvège proposes two debates on the theme of water, as part of the Night of Ideas 2023. At a time when the whole world is concerned by drought, the supply of drinking water is one of the main concerns of the planet.


The first part of the Night of Ideas 2023 will put water and its supply at the heart of the debate as the main challenge of the coming century.

With only 2,5% of the total water available on Earth, and only 0,7% of it being accessible, fresh water is a scarce resource. It is also vital. What are the strategies for dealing with a future where water is becoming scarce and is not shared equally? 

In Oslo, the lake Maridalsvannet, which borders the capital and provides the city with 90% of its water needs, is no longer sufficient. A new 19-kilometre-long water tunnel is being built from the lake Råvann in Holsfjorden to a water treatment plant that will be able to supply clean drinking water to the entire population of Oslo. In France, the shortage of water has led farmers to equip themselves with mega-basins to provide for the watering of crops.

Inspired by Antoine Boutet’s film “South to North”, this debate will raise the question of water scarcity and its socio-environmental consequences. 

Norwegian speakers : 

  • Yeliz Yilmaz (moderator)

Researcher at the University of Oslo (UiO). She focuses on understanding water cycle dynamics under a changing climate. She has experience in issues related to the transboundary waters and mountain snow as natural water towers.

  • Nils Vidar Rystad  

Assistant project director at the “new water supply Oslo” project at the Norwegian Water and Wastewater Agency, Oslo municipality. He has a profound interest in project execution, national security, environmental issues, and the water business and sees them as linked together. During his current project he has been participating in the implementation of strict and challenging environmental requirements.

  • Dr Sindre Langaas  

Dr Sindre Langaas has been Research Manager for the section Water & Society at NIVA (Norsk Institutt for vannforskning) since November 2013 and is interested in water and marine environmental issues internationally. He has also represented the UN within the Helsinki Commission for the Baltic Sea region and COPA-COGECA (EU’s farmer organizations) in the review process of the revised EU water policy.  

French speaker : 

  • Antoine Boutet

Antoine Boutet is a French artist. For the past 15 years, his documentary films (all of which have won awards in numerous festivals in France and abroad) have extended his work as a visual artist on the transformation of the landscape: the feature-length film «South to North” follows, for four years, the largest water detour project in the world.

Synopsis : Based on an idea of President Mao Zedong, the Chinese government launched the largest water transfer project in the world: “Nan Shui Bei Diao”, literally “South Water North Move”. The aim was to bring water from the south to the north of the country, and from the Yangtze River to the capital, Beijing, resulting population displacement and the disruption of ecosystems.

Stills from South to North by Antoine Boutet