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Intercultural differences: Franco-Norwegian food systems

torsdag 11. mai 2023 fra 18:00

Holtegaten 29 0355 OSLO

Diner is ready!

Join us to learn more about the French culinary model and its influence on Norwegian food culture!

THURSDAY 11 MAY, 18:00 📢

French Institute of Norway

Holtegata 29, 0355 Oslo

Sigurd Bergflødt, researcher in sociology (OsloMet), will present some perspectives and findings from the article «Hommage ou Rebellion? Le rôle du modèle culinaire français dans la culture de l’alimentation norvégienne» (Amilien, Bergflødt & Hegnes 2021) :

In this article, they ask how Norwegian food culture is inspired and influenced by French food culture:

«French cooking is considered by many to be the most prestigious and respectable cuisine in the world, and its influence is reaching wide. 

They address three main issues that can contribute to an understanding of the French culinary influence on Norwegian food culture. Further, they ask if Norwegian food culture, as well as New Nordic Cuisine are becoming more autonomous from French food cultural hegemony. And finally; What does French cooking really mean to Norwegian chefs?»


  • Lecture (20 min) & discussion
  • Quiz!
  • Franco-Norwegian aperitif

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