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Science Night: Drawing Science!

onsdag 25. oktober 2023

Institut francais de Norvège
Holtegata 29 0355 Oslo

The field of science and the art of comics have both a fundamental focus on exploring and discovering the world around us.

Welcome to this free event at 6:30 PM on October 25th!

There are numerous intriguing connections that are ripe for exploration, particularly in the realm of scientific communication. Often, researchers strive to communicate the findings of their projects to a wider audience.

In fact, comics have emerged as an important tool for conveying scientific concepts to the public. Using comics for communicating science can raise awareness and influence public policy. Illustrators play a crucial role in assisting scientists in reaching broader audiences and establishing emotional connections that enhance the learning experience.

Increasingly, scientists are actively seeking out illustrators to help them more effectively communicate their work to new and diverse audiences. Comics have the unique ability to tell stories through illustrations in ways that words alone often cannot achieve. Indeed, comics are particularly efficient in the field of science to reach especially a non-scientific audience.

Through this Comics & Science Night, our aim is to establish a meaningful dialogue between comics and ecology.


  • Conference & discussion
  • Quiz!
  • French buffet


Laura Jeanne Niccolai: Conservation Biologist (HINN). Laura’s PhD focus on figuring out how free-ranging cows coexist with forest carnivores, like wolves and bears. She’s uncovering how these meetings influence cow behaviour and well-being, aiding farmers in animal care.

Laura will talk about «Cattle & Carnivores: Norwegian Forest Face Off»: «We will be diving into the exciting world of cow, wolf, and bear interactions, revealing how scientists study encounters to explore their influence on our gentle bovine friends. Through fun comics, I aim to showcase how science can be communicated effectively, making complex ideas accessible and reaching a broader audience for a more informed and curious society. Let’s embark on this visual journey into the wild!»

Stefaniya Kamenova: Molecular ecologist (UiO). Stefaniya is specialized in developing DNA-based methods for studying species diets. She will present her current research, focusing on the impact of climate change on a particularly emblematic species from the high Arctic – the Svalbard reindeer. Monitoring climate and biodiversity in the remote and inhospitable Svalbard archipelago is challenging. But thanks to the efforts of a small team of Norwegian researchers, the Svalbard reindeer monitoring project has been continuously running ever since 1994. This unprecedented amount of scientific data is starting to reveal now what it is to live in a rapidly warming Arctic, and whether the future looks good or bad for the Svalbard reindeer She will be present her common project with Isabelle:

Isabelle Maroger: Independent illustrator (Comic, press and advertising cartoonist).