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The «Science Night» is back: When Art meets Science!

onsdag 27. september 2023 18:00

Science Night

Institut francais de Norvège
Holtegata 29 0355 Oslo

Through this «Art & Science Night», our goal is to promote a meaningful dialogue between art and ecology. This event brings together an ecologist researcher and nature photographer, along with a visual art researcher and artist.

The event seeks to show how art and science synergize to capture the nature’s beauty.

In a period characterized by urgent issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, art has a pivotal role in addressing these challenges that confront our society. Presenting data through graphs and statistics is no longer sufficient.

Art has the power to stimulate societal transformation, highlighting the splendour of the nature we are destroying. Moreover, it has the potential to facilitate discussions among diverse stakeholders, fostering collaborative efforts towards a sustainable future.

Conference & discussion
Quiz !
French buffet

The event is FREE and in English.

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Charlotte Lorand: Conservation Biologist (HINN) & photographer

Charlotte will present: “a picture worth a thousand words – what Photography can (and cannot) do for research in Wildlife Conservation.”: «In the age of fast-paced media consumption and endless flow of small-bites information, one could wonder what good old photography and research still have to offer. In wildlife conservation, both knowledge and visuals hold great power, and we are all about the ways one can feed the other to serve a bigger purpose. From studying animals in various environments to reintroducing vulture species into the wild, let’s have a look at how both interact to reconcile people with nature, and unveil a bigger picture

Kristin Bergaust: Artist & artistic researcher (OsloMet)

Kristin’s presentation will be about: “What can Art do? Sometimes people tell me I should enter politics to save the Oslofjord effectively. For the Art meets Science event, I will present glimpses of my projects Oslofjord Ecologies and Ocean Connections, both based on collaborations with scientists such as marine biologists, oceanographers, and mathematicians.”