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Climate Fresk!

torsdag 29. februar 2024 17:00

Holtegaten 29 0355 OSLO

Come to discover the Climate Fresk, which turns climate science into a game!

«Climate Fresk» is a workshop that aims at raising awareness and understanding about climate change, therefore enabling impacting positive actions at the personal and collective level. Conceived in France and based on the IPCC report, it explains the causes and consequences of climate change. It allows learning a lot in a short period and is meant for both novices and experts.


 The workshop is based on 42 cards, each of them representing one component of climate change. As a team, you aim at arranging them from causes to consequences, thus revealing the Fresk. Cooperation is key! As facilitators, we ensure good communication and give additional explanations during this first phase – which makes for half the whole workshop. The second half is about turning knowledge into actions.


  • Think -> discovering the relationships between cards and building the Fresk.
  • Recap -> sharing and anchoring knowledge
  • Break: Discover -> an exhibition based on the comic strip “A world without end” organized by the French Institut
  • Create -> relaxing and creating with your Fresk!
  • Discuss -> sharing your feelings, expressing your thoughts, and drawing individual and collective solutions.


  • The workshop is FREE.
  • The workshop will be held in ENGLISH.
  • Snacks will be provided!
  • The workshop is 3 hours long and to validate your participation you need to attend the whole workshop.

LIMITED SPOTS so do not forget to use the link to SIGN UP!