Vitenskap og forskning

Film screening: «Heïdi’s Ice» 

torsdag 30. mai 2024 19:00

Science Night in Oslo

Chateau Neuf
Slemdalsveien 15 0369 Oslo

Written and directed by Pierre Dugowson 

English subtitles


The French Institute of Norway, in collaboration with Chateau Neuf, is pleased to invite you on May 30th, 2024, to the screening of the film «Heïdi’s Ice» by Pierre Dugowson. 

The session will be introduced by the film’s director, Pierre Dugowson, followed by a discussion and debate at the end of the screening. 

The documentary «Heïdi’s Ice» immerses the viewer in the life of Heïdi Sevestre, a glaciologist and member of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). Acknowledged with the Shackleton Medal for her outstanding contribution to the preservation of polar regions, Heïdi Sevestre takes us up close to the glaciers of the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic.

As a passionate scientific communicator, she raises awareness about the realities of glacier retreat and shares her observations on the impacts of climate change. The documentary strikes a delicate balance between wonder at the infinite beauty of these landscapes and a poignant realization of their alarming fragility and the consequences of their melting on the world. 

The production of this film, helmed by Pierre Dugowson, received financial support from the French Institute of Norway. Pierre, after two trips to Svalbard in 2022, conducted the filming in Longyearbyen and around the Negribreen glacier for a week. Working alone, he crafted the script on-site, adapting to the specific conditions of shooting in the Arctic, including changing light, nuanced colors, extreme weather conditions, and challenging terrain. In Pierre’s own words:

«This is neither a documentary about glaciers nor a portrait of Heïdi Sevestre. The goal is to convey Heïdi’s perspective as a glaciologist in Svalbard. It’s not a moralizing or accusatory documentary but a work of awareness