Film preview of «Notre-Dame on fire» with Jean-Jacques Annaud

torsdag 29. september 2022

NFkino Colosseum
Fridtjof Nansens vei 6 369 Oslo

French director Jean-Jacques Annaud will honor us by his presence to introduce the preview of his new feature film Notre-Dame on Fire on Wednesday, October 5th at 6pm at NFkino Colosseum in Oslo!

The film reconstructs hour by hour the incredible reality of the events of April 15, 2019 when the cathedral suffered the most important disaster in its history. And how men and women will put their lives at risk in an incredible and heroic rescue.

Buy your tickets here: https://www.nfkino.no/order/b100343400-166444980759371968202/seats.

Find more information on the Facebook event!