Fredrikstad Animation festival

19 - 22. oktober 2023

As a partner to Fredrikstad Animation Festival Institut français de Norvège is very excited to present the program of the fourth edition of the Production Day, which this year will focus on French Animation!

Speakers from different areas of the industry will be on hand to talk about their experiences, developments in their professions – studio, film & TV production, theatrical distribution – and even share their experience of working with Nordic partners.

The Production Day is organized by Animasjon Norge, a subdivision of Virke Produsentforeningen with Frank Mosvold and Thomas Malmonte as project managers, and in collaboration with Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

This event is supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, Virke Produsentforeningen and Viken Filmsenter.

French Focus takes place Friday October 20st, more info: https://animationfestival.no/production-day-program-french-focus/

IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE Jérôme Combe – Fortiche Masterclass from the studio behind the Netflix success Arcane, and how its founders have managed on setting Fortiche as a reference as an animation studio at a global level, since its creation in 2009.

SHOW ME THE MONEY Franck Samuel – La Station Animation Masterclass from one of the most prolific producers in France. How do French film and TV projects get financed? Learn everything about financing opportunities in France.

NORDIC FRENCH CO-PRO Charlotte de la Gournerie – Sun Creature Masterclass from the co-producer and studio behind 2022 Oscar nominee Flee, and how to make a Nordic-French co-production a success.

NORDIC FILMS IN FRANCE Vladimir Kokh – KMBO Masterclass from one of the best theatrical distributors for animated feature films. Thanks to their experience of releasing Nordic animated features, let’s learn how to make a French box office hit!