Balkis Moutashar: De tête en cape

19 - 20. november 2022

Black Box teater
Marstrandgata 8 566 Oslo

Institut français de Norvège is pleased to support the French programming of Black Box teater, with the arrival of Compagny Balkis Moutashar. Two performances of their creation «De tête en cape» are scheduled at Black Box teater in Oslo: on Saturday, November 19th at 2pm and on Sunday, November 20th at 2pm.

«In a white space, two dancers move around, dressed in surprising costumes, and have fun blurring the lines: animals, princesses or superheroes, they reveal different recognisable figures, yet full of strangeness. For these costumes are transforming, playing with unexpected and almost surreal associations, which sometimes reveal a princess with a frog’s head, sometimes a superman with bear’s paws…
The frontier between animal, human, male, female, real or imaginary is no longer so clear, and the figures that are summoned are constantly reversed and recomposed, drawing hybrid characters who emancipate themselves from their condition (feline? human? heroic?) to assert through their dance a surprising, moving, always complex and often joyful singularity.
Drawing the audience into the phantasmagorical world of childhood, where cross-dressing is king. Balkis Moutashar continues the research on movement that she has been digging into since her first piece: from an almost scientific study of animal movements to an exploration of her imaginary origins, she explores here what dance owes to an ancestral popular culture and to our childhoor dreams.»

Find more information on Black Box teater’s website.