Vitenskap og forskning

Movie-debate evening: Animal by Cyril Dion

onsdag 16. november 2022 18:00

Join us on November 16th 2022 at 6pm (Holtegata 29, Oslo)

to discover Cyril Dion’s new documentary “Animal”!

[film in French with English subtitles]

The screening will be followed by a debate and a French apéro.

Cyril Dion, the movie director of Tomorrow, which was awarded the 2016 César Award for Best Documentary Film, is back with a new documentaryAnimal. He aims at pursuing his journey to question the current climate crisis by focusing on the 6th mass extinction of species : 68% of wild animal populations have disappeared in the last forty years.

In Animal, «teenagers Bella and Vipulan travel to meet with scientists and activists around the world, searching for another way of living alongside other species, as co-habitants rather than predators«. The documentary will be in french with english subtitles.

After the screening, a short debate will be organised. The questions raised by Cyril Dion will be discussed around a French buffet: «How can we stop destroying everything, and in particular animal species? How can we live on this planet differently? Are we humans just here to enjoy and degrade everything or do we have a function, a role to play in the «orchestra of life«


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